Peyton Manning Just Did the toe in the hot tub

Peyton Manning Just Dip The Toe

Peyton Manning Uses Helmet and Candy Crush To Avoid Hot Tub Seduction Peyton Manning Avoids Hot Tub Immersion Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has reportedly found a way to avoid the siren calls of the hot tub. After multiple attempts to “just dip the toe,R
Best seat in the gallery is a hot tub

Hot Tubs Make Everything Better

Best View In The Gallery Is From Hot Tub So we all know hot tubs are great, but check this out. An artist, Jonathan Schipper, has a crazy cool robot that creates salt sculptures. Yeah, I typed that right. And where is the best play to watch this briny mechanical wonder work in his gal
Alligator in Hot Tub

No Alligator Filtration

The Hot Tub Loft Proud of Tuff Spas Filtration Tuff Spas are, well, tuff. Tuff enough for an alligator? Clay Norman of The Hot Tub Loft of West Palm Beach, Florida says yes. “The only problem is they can’t get in because of the hard cover, so it’s a mute point!”